Social and Labor Module
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Social and Labor Module

The Facility Social and Labor Module (still in Beta testing phase) is appropriate for any tier of manufacturing. It measures facility-level social impacts and the efficacy of social management programs. This tool assesses:

  • Facility workforce standards and those of value chain partners
  • External engagement on social-labor issues with other facilities or organizations, Community engagement

Transparency with stakeholders

In the next year, the Social and Labor Module will be upgraded with a significant new approach born of the Coalition’s Convergence Program. This pioneering project unites Coalition members from brands, manufacturers and NGOs around the critical goal of creating one common, verified approach to social assessment across the entire apparel and footwear industry. This will drastically simplify the task of measuring and meeting social-labor standards worldwide, and will help companies evolve beyond compliance of social-labor standards and achieve performance improvement and capacity building. The content created in the Convergence program will be folded in to the upgraded Social and Labor Module, which will be made even more robust with a verification program set to launch in 2017.

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