Jason Kibbey
Lyn Werbach
John Armstrong
Betsy Blaisdell
Vice President, Higg Index
Baptiste Carriere-Pradal
Vice President, Transparency
Amina Razvi
Vice President, Membership
Bente Bauer
Public Affairs Coordinator
Julie M.H. Brown
Director, Higg Index
Cameron Childs
Director, Higg Index
Dani Domsky
Membership Coordinator
Sharon Hesp
Senior Project Manager, Social and Labor Practices
Elena Kocherovsky
Senior Manager, Member Services and Adoption
Jennifer Kwong
Manager, Events and Member Services
Shai Larsen
Executive Assistant
Erin Leon
Higg Index Analyst
Janet Mensink
Project Director, Social and Labor Practices
Scott Miller
Director of Business Development
Pascale Moreau
Public Affairs Manager
Alexandra Rosas
Manager, Member Services and Communications
Sally Smaili
Customer Success Manager
Holly Syrett
Project Manager, Higg Transparency
Veronique Tjon
Project Manager, Europe