Amina Razvi
Executive Director
Eszter Csicsai
Member Engagement Manager, AMER
Giovanna Davila
Manager, Reports & Member Communications
Aaron Di Silvestro
Director of Higg Products
Wendy Dittmer
Director of Operations
Sheila Estaniel
Director of Communications
Christina Fleming
Executive Assistant
Esther Germans
Director of Partnerships & Engagement
Marcia Graham
Head of People & Culture
Devin Hurley
Member Engagement Coordinator, AMER
Laura Jans
Member Engagement Coordinator, EMEA
Jeremy Lardeau
Vice President, Higg Index
Erin Leon
Manager, Higg Index
Ruth Lin
Finance and Operations Manager
Dhawal Mane
Senior Manager, Training and Verification
Andrew Martin
Vice President, Membership and Stakeholder Engagement
Joël Mertens
Director, Higg Product Tools
Mandy Mooney
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
Angela Ng
Senior Manager, Higg Facility Tools
Melissa O de León
Manager, Higg Product Tools
Maravillas Rodriguez Zarco
Director, Higg Brand & Retail
Janet So
Events Manager
Beatrice Thumi
Public Relations Analyst
Veronique Tjon
Senior Manager, Member Engagement, EMEA
Ruby Veridiano
Senior Manager of Global Content & Brand Strategy
Eliza Ward
Director of Membership & Corporate Engagement
Lauren Zahringer
Manager of Business Development, EMEA