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We are dedicated to driving positive change within the textile, apparel and footwear industry through our advocacy. Learn how we are working to promote smart, harmonized regulations that accelerate sustainability below.


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We aspire to be recognized as a trusted industry leader, providing policymakers with credible data and knowledge to support the improvement of current and future legislation. Through our advocacy efforts, we aim to bridge the gap between industry stakeholders and policymakers, empowering them with insights into our mission, the Higg Index Tools, and Programs. Our Public Affairs strategy focuses on collaboration, not lobbying, as we work with partners and policymakers to promote smart, harmonized regulations that accelerate sustainability.

SAC public affairs work

Partnerships and Collaborations

Collaboration lies at the heart of our advocacy efforts. Through strategic partnerships and alliances, we work to influence policy at the EU level, driving positive change towards a more sustainable and circular consumer goods industry.

  • Public Affairs

Our close contact with Policy Hub allows us to articulate well-informed policy positions, ensuring our collective voice is heard in shaping the industry’s future.

  • Policy and Legislation

Summary Report: Higg Index Tools Analysis and Compliance Initiatives

To assist SAC members in navigating the evolving regulatory landscape, the SAC initiated analyses of the Higg Index tools in relation to relevant existing and upcoming EU and national legislation in collaboration with partners and professional consultancies. The summary report presented here provides key messages and main outcomes of the initial analysis, along with the proposed next steps.

November 20, 2023

Frequently asked questions

  • How Can I Get in Touch with the Public Affairs Team?
    Get in touch with us here.
  • Where Can I Find SAC's Official Statements on Public Policy Issues?
    You can find our official statements, policy papers, and positions on relevant public policy issues on our Advocacy page. These will be added as and when new positions and papers become available.
  • How Does SAC Ensure Transparency and Accountability in Its Public Affairs Work?
    We remain committed to transparency and accountability by providing access to an agenda or registry of meetings with stakeholders and policymakers.
  • What are the Key Partnerships and Collaborations that the SAC is Involved in?
    We collaborate closely with organizations like the Policy Hub, the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP), and the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA), among others, to drive impactful change.
  • What Advocacy Initiatives has the SAC been Involved in?
    We have been actively involved in various advocacy initiatives, addressing issues such as environmental sustainability, labor rights, and responsible sourcing.
  • How Does the SAC Influence Policy at the EU and Global Levels?
    We influence policy through educating key stakeholders, policymakers, and our members about the Higg Index tools, our programs, industry footprint, the industry’s challenges, and regulators’ opportunities.