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Guest Blog by Higg: Helping Your Business Do More with Impact Data 

October 18, 2021


“At Higg, we believe that all paths to improvement begin with measurement – but don’t end there. 

It is only through accurate measurement that a business can understand where they really are today, determine where they should be, and chart a path to get there. However, data collection should never be an end in and of itself. Simply put, measurement is not impact reduction. 

Impact happens in the steps after, when a product designer can confidently choose a material that uses less water; when a manufacturer earns a new contract because they’ve documented their transition to renewable energy sources; and when a brand expands investments in their low-impact product line, because it’s proven to appeal to new customers. Ultimately, impact reduction comes from businesses being rewarded by their sustainable choices.”  

Excerpt from the inaugural Higg Impact Report, to be published later this month. 


It’s been two years since Higg spun out of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) to become a stand-alone technology company. In this short time, Higg has matured into an enterprise-grade technology platform that serves as the go-to measurement solution for the apparel industry. Usage, feedback, and insights from SAC member customers have been indispensable to this evolution. 


At the upcoming SAC annual meeting, we’re excited to share reflections not only on the impact SAC members have been making – but also look ahead at new ways we’re making our platform even more powerful for you. Higg believes that progress is made when our users act on the data in front of them. In the face of multiple global crises, we’ve redoubled our efforts to build technology that helps your businesses accelerate action and meet the moment. 


At the upcoming SAC Annual Meeting, Higg CTO John Armstrong will introduce platform developments that are helping brands turn value chain insights into actionable steps that reduce impact. Some of the initiatives that we are most excited to discuss are recently added traceability and transparency features and impact reduction solutions. 


Traceability and Transparency

Launched earlier this year in collaboration with the SAC, Higg Index Sustainability Profiles enable brands, retailers, and manufacturers to share data-backed sustainability claims online. Learn how SAC members are sharing sustainability information on apparel and footwear products across impact categories such as water and emissions. 


Impact Reduction Solutions

SAC members are using Higg’s Analytics tool to identify hotspots in critical areas of improvement across their facilities. Higg refocused Analytics to give SAC members and other users key performance data, help them understand their impact year over year, and spot areas for investment and capability building. 


During his session at the SAC event, John looks forward to diving deeper into these programs. He’ll also give a sneak peek into innovations, emerging partnerships, and integrations that will enable Higg users and their value chain partners to make the necessary progress on sustainability. 


To quote the Impact Report, “Simply put, measurement is not impact reduction.” 


SAC members’ embrace of our platform is helping drive overall industry transformation. The way we’ve evolved our tools and platform, and how we equip Higg users to turn their sustainability data into action, is shaped by your feedback. We are excited to continue serving SAC members to urgently address the climate crisis as an industry.


To learn more about Higg’s work, visit them on their website: 

Higg is a sponsor for our 2021 Annual Meeting! Learn more and register here.