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Some Good News: Crystal International

May 21, 2020

Crystal International Prioritizes Employee Care and Community Engagement in the Fight Against COVID-19

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Employee care and community engagement are important parts of Crystal International’s sustainability framework. They are also the driving forces behind its COVID-19 response. The SAC manufacturer member has twenty garment manufacturing facilities across Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. To support these regions, Crystal International has distributed more than 1.8 million masks to employees, visitors, local governments, residents, children, and non-profit organizations to ensure that its employees, their families, and local communities all have health protection.

Mask Distribution

Over the past few months, Crystal International’s factories in Vietnam, China, Cambodia, and Bangladesh as well as its Hong Kong headquarters, have been working to distribute masks and other much-needed resources. The Hong Kong office collaborated with The Incorporated Trustees of Yuk Ching Charity Trust to donate 100,000 masks along with hand sanitizer and towelettes to seventeen social welfare organizations. These groups distributed the masks to the elderly and underprivileged populations in Hong Kong, to help protect these high-risk groups from COVID-19. Each set of masks includes informative pamphlets with tips on hand washing and best practices for wearing masks. 

Crystal International’s Vietnam facilities donated more than 120,000 fabric masks to a variety of local municipalities, schools, and a hospital. Crystal International’s Cambodia factory donated around 60,000 fabric masks to residents in local neighborhoods. The factories in China donated more than 15,000 medical masks to the local government and children in need. With many of the world’s COVID-19 cases being transmitted through communities, Crystal International’s efforts are incredibly important.

1.8+ million masks distributed to employees, employees’ families, NGO’s, local neighborhoods, and communities where Crystal International operates.

Comprehensive Measures to Safeguard Employee Well-Being

During this difficult time, Crystal International has also prioritized employee health and safety through numerous initiatives. In addition to the distribution of masks, Crystal International manufacturing facilities have implemented extensive disinfection practices, including regular cleaning, vehicle disinfection, and installation of hand sanitizer stations. Security guards and medical staff also received medical glasses and medical gloves. The group is enforcing social distancing, strict temperature checks for employees and visitors, and also created quarantine areas for people who need medical attention. It installed partitions at dining tables and has posted informational materials to promote awareness of precautionary measures. 

Learn more about Crystal International’s COVID-19 efforts.

COVID-19 Impacts & Resources

The SAC launched a new COVID-19 impacts webpage that offers information and resources for the apparel industry to leverage while navigating the current crisis.

Giovanna Davila is the Research & Communications Analyst at the
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