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Promising News from Washington on Climate Change

January 29, 2021

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This week, U.S. President Biden outlined a series of federal policy directives centered around reducing America’s carbon footprint, bolstering a clean energy economy, and promoting environmental justice. The new policies build on last week’s welcome decision for the United States to rejoin the Paris Agreement and send a powerful signal that the new Biden-Harris Administration recognizes the gravity of the climate crisis. It is deeply encouraging to see that climate solutions will once again be prioritized and coordinated at the highest levels of the U.S. government. 

As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change is the next great challenge we must solve together. The world’s leading climate experts have made it clear that the next ten years are pivotal in our efforts to curtail the worst impacts of catastrophic climate change. This means that all sectors of the global apparel community — brands, retailers, manufacturers, NGOs, governments, investors, academics, trade associations, policy experts, and consumers — must come together to collaborate on scalable solutions to realize a cleaner and more just future for our planet, powered by zero emissions energy, regenerative agriculture, and more sustainable manufacturing practices. 

We know that real progress is only possible when we come together and unite around common goals. At the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), we’re doing our part to improve how the industry operates in order to protect people and the planet. We’ve spent the last ten years working collaboratively with value chain partners to develop the Higg Index, a suite of tools for the standardized measurement of supply chain sustainability. Using the Higg Index enables companies to proactively measure and manage issues like environmental impact, social responsibility, and supplier relations, ultimately strengthening partnerships and fostering the resilience the industry needs to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world.  

Next month, the SAC will be unveiling our ambitious new strategic plan, guided by the mission to transform business for exponential impact. We’ll be working with our members to take greater industry accountability, reduce sectorwide emissions by almost half by 2030, provide clean water for the communities our industry touches, and promote safe and fair working conditions across the global value chain. We’re also collaborating with international stakeholders to promote an ambitious policy agenda that fosters a greener and more circular future for our industry. 

I’m confident that we’re on the right track and optimistic that together we can achieve a more sustainable and just future for people and the planet. If you’re a brand, retailer, or manufacturer that is interested in getting  involved in our efforts to transform the industry, please join us.

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