Improve sustainability performance by identifying impacts throughout the supply chain.

Brand Tools

The Higg Index’s Brand Modules are used by apparel, footwear and textiles brands and retailers of all sizes to measure the environmental and social and labor performance of their design, sourcing and operations. The modules assess corporate policies and practices in every impact area and at every level of sustainability, from basic, compliance-level practices to advanced and far-reaching best practices. Users enter their own data and receive performance scores broken down by category (such as manufacturing, packaging and transport) as well as an overall company score. Scores are displayed anonymously to all users, allowing brands and retailers to benchmark their performance and discover where they stand compared to others. SAC member and non-member companies may also request to share scores with other brands, retailers and facilities transparently, which can lead to new partnerships and the sharing of best practices. Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) brands and retailers may choose to access the Higg Index without SAC membership by agreeing to our SME Higg access only license agreement.

Brand Environment Module

This module helps brands and retailers assess their environmental management policies and practices. There are separate modules for apparel/textile brands and for footwear brands to capture the different products’ unique impacts. The apparel/textiles Environment Module measures the impacts of the brand’s activities throughout product lifecycles. This includes:

  • Materials sourcing
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
  • Care and repair
  • End of use programs

The Footwear Brand Environment module is similar, but looks at construction techniques and adhesives specific to footwear. It focuses more on end-of-use programs rather than care, since footwear care contributes minimal environmental impacts relative to apparel care.

Brand Social and Labor Module

This module helps brands and retailers assess their social impact and corporate policies relating to their internal workforce standards and those of their value chain partners. Measured and benchmarked policies and practices evaluated include:

  • Internal workplace standards
  • Performance, monitoring and continuous improvement of social and labor performance management in supply chains
  • Community engagement
  • Transparency with stakeholders

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