From international household names to small, niche players, the Coalition’s benefits apply to every size of business

Brands and retailers join the SAC for access to the essential resources and support they need to credibly and effectively meet their sustainability goals. They use the Higg Index to radically simplify the process of measuring, sharing and benchmarking sustainability performance at every stage of product lifecycles or the retail value chain. This helps to precisely identify areas requiring improvement and highlight robust actions to take. Brands and retailers also join the Coalition to be part of the apparel, footwear and home textiles industry’s largest and most diverse network of people, companies, and organizations focused on creating transformative change.

Brands & Retailers use the SAC to:

Drive efficiency and innovation

Higg Index data powerfully spotlights areas that require improvement, and delivers a functional roadmap to sustainable design choices. Efficiency is increased, savings are made, and innovation is sparked.


See deeper and reduce risk

Brands and retailers see much deeper into their supply chain than ever before, gaining essential information on environmental and social impacts from manufacturing and service partners at every stage. They can evaluate potential operational risks, make more sustainable purchasing decisions and source materials and services of quality and integrity.


Strengthen relationships

Brands and retailers engage with manufacturing partners in more constructive ways when manufacturers complete their own assessments and have them verified on the the Higg Index. They develop healthy partnerships and make better progress towards sustainability goals.


Save time and money

By streamlining the process of measuring, guiding, tracking, verifying and sharing sustainability performance, the Higg Index saves significant time, money, and human resources.


Collaborate with peers

By joining forces in the Coalition, brands and retailers not only share best practices and gain invaluable insights for their own businesses, they help to accelerate the pace of innovation across the entire industry. They also establish a credible collective voice with policy-makers on regulations that affect everyone’s future.


Engage with stakeholders

With accurate and verifiable sustainability data in hand, brands and retailers can demonstrate their sustainability performance to consumers and investors, which strengthens credibility and reputation.


Gain impact and influence

Small and medium-sized businesses also can gain large benefits: They can make cost-effective progress on sustainability, forge new business opportunities, and improve sourcing practices by finding reliable supply chain partners with robust sustainability credentials.

Member Spotlight: Fjällräven

Learn how this timeless European outdoor brand utilizes the Higg Index to design its products and improve its sustainable operations.

Fjällräven’s contributions to and use of the Higg Index have informed sustainability decisions and helped drive the brand toward greater supply chain transparency.

Brands use the Higg Index to:

Improve the environmental and social footprint of their products, gain deep transparency into their supply chain, source sustainable materials from credible suppliers, and drive efficiency and innovation.

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