The SAC represents the first time an entire industry has come together to voluntarily reshape itself

—Jason Kibbey, CEO of the SAC


The urgency and expanse of the sustainability issues facing the apparel, footwear and home textiles industries requires collective attention on a global scale. This is why collaboration is the heartbeat of the SAC. No company alone can shift the existing industry paradigms. To ignite the change required to redefine the way the industry is run, peers and competitors come together as a united front, adhering to the Coalition’s set of core collaboration values that are designed to further impactful change across the industry. Through SAC membership, brands, retailers and manufacturers commit to transparency and the sharing of best practices, a full-circle collaboration that benefits all involved.

While collaboration is often equated with bottlenecks and roadblocks—the opposite of targeted and effective forward momentum—the SAC has cultivated an ethos of “perfect is the enemy of good enough.” This philosophy ensures that the sharing of numerous perspectives doesn’t interfere with progress. Though the ideal solution may yet to be found, adequate alignment around next steps is good enough to keep going. This dedication to moving ahead allows the Coalition to develop and share practical tools that support the industry’s sustainability goals in a timely manner.

In the SAC, collaboration is built on four core values:

  1. Collective Measurement as a Catalyst for Change

The impacts of successful collaboration can be seen most readily in the Higg Index. The online suite of tools—developed by, and continually refined by, SAC members—set an industry-wide sustainability measurement, giving organizations the opportunity to reduce cost by allowing them to compare and benchmark the sustainability of their supply chains against others in the industry. The Higg’s standardization also energizes change across the industry by giving individual companies a bird’s eye perspective on the sustainability issues facing the industry as a whole.


  1. An Equal Voice for all Supply Chain Partners

From its inception, the Coalition understood that true and effective collaboration requires hearing the perspective of every segment of the supply chain. By giving everyone an equal seat at the table, including manufacturers, brands, retailers, as well as NGO’s, nonprofits, government entities, academics, and third-party providers like chemical companies, packaging companies and logistics providers, no one member of the value chain would dominate the push toward a more sustainable industry. This equal partnership is a distinguishing feature of the Coalition, guaranteeing that all opinions are respected and considered and that the collective goal remains the focus of all.


  1. A Membership Built on Trust

Collaboration is meaningless without trust. Equal partnership gives all Coalition members the opportunity to share their viewpoints in a safe space with the understanding that their thoughts will be received with as much respect as any other member. Equal partnership also allows members to express their opinions without fear of backlash from potential supply chain partners. This level playing field and uniquely open environment has established a pervasive level of trust throughout the SAC, paving the way for more effective pursuing of the common goal of an increasingly sustainable industry.


  1. Encouraging Leaders

By joining working groups where they can share their expertise with the industry as a whole as well as one-on-one with their peers, members become leaders in their fields and influential voices in the development of SAC tools and services. Working groups and annual meetings are run by trained facilitators who understand the value of taking in all opinions without sacrificing progress.

Our power comes from our large-scale collaboration and our tools are game-changing “holistic” measurements. These capture the interrelated impact areas of textile and garment production—something that’s never been done before.

— Jason Kibbey

 Jason Kibbey, CEO of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition

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