The SAC has partnered with the CPI2-Initiative, an initiative of retailers and brands aiming to reduce environmental impact in apparel and footwear production facilities.

Through this partnership, SAC members have access to a comprehensive set of tools that fosters environmental improvements on a global scale. Using Higg Index scores as a benchmark, CPI2’s web-based tool helps SAC members to make concrete adjustments at their facilities, gradually reducing harmful environmental effects in their supply chains and driving performance improvement within the value chain.

CPI2 makes optimizing the use of energy, water, and chemicals easier for any factory by providing practical support for improvement steps. There are more than 400 recommendations for action and a toolbox with over 150 supporting tools for implementation in the CPI2 tool. Ten percent of energy and water consumption can be saved by simple measures at no or low costs. Systematic use of CPI2 can also help improve health and safety standards in chemical use. The CPI2 tool helps SAC members to achieve improved outputs and more sustainable results.

The partnership between the SAC and CPI2 combines the strengths of both initiatives and aims for a strong environmental impact. After receiving the Higg FEM score, factories can use the CPI2 tool to access implementation guidance to actually improve their performance as well as their rating – and thus reduce their impact.

Stephan Engel, Managing Director CPI2

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