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Clean by Design

The Higg Index unlocks a real opportunity for the industry to talk in the same language, not just about facility performance, but across improvement platforms like ours as well.

About ten years ago, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) started the Clean by Design program to help textile mills in China improve their environmental performance.

China plays a central role in global manufacturing, but its high concentration of factories has created a significant pollution issue in the nation. Today, more than 100 mills benefit from the Clean by Design program, which allows them to use the Higg Index to assess environmental impacts such as water and energy performance.

In collaboration with the SAC, Clean by Design hopes to strengthen sustainability efforts at apparel facilities in China. Kurt Kipka, Senior Project Manager for Clean by Design, says the partnership with the SAC is very important.

The Higg plays the role of a tool for assessment for, not just our program, but, ideally, the industry.