By joining forces, we are addressing the issues on a scale equal to the challenge.


The urgency and expanse of the sustainability issues facing the apparel, footwear and home textiles industry requires collective attention on a global scale. This is why collaboration is the heartbeat of the SAC. No company alone can shift the existing industry paradigms. To ignite the change required to redefine the way the industry is run, peers and competitors come together as a united front, adhering to the Coalition’s set of core collaboration values that are designed to further impactful change across the industry. Through SAC membership, brands, retailers and manufacturers commit to transparency and the sharing of best practices, a full-circle collaboration that benefits all involved.


Scaling the Higg Index for SMEs in the global apparel and footwear supply chain

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Clean by Design

Clean by Design was created as a business-friendly program to reduce the environmental impacts of textile manufacturing in China and other developing countries. This “green supply chain” initiative is founded on Ten Best Practices – a proven set of process efficiency improvements to reduce the impact of textile dyeing and finishing mills, which are a key environmental “hot spot.” Within the program, hundreds of improvements have been demonstrated in more than 50 mills around the world that are high-impact, low-cost and profitable, with a short payback period of usually less than a year.