Collaboration is the heartbeat of the SAC. No company alone can shift the existing industry paradigm. To ignite the change required to redefine how the industry is run, peers and competitors come together as a united front, adhering to the Coalition’s set of core collaboration values that are designed to further impactful change across the industry. Through SAC membership, brands, retailers, and manufacturers commit to transparency, the sharing of best practices, and making meaningful improvements, a full-circle collaboration that benefits all involved.

Our Partners

SAC Full Member Meetings

Annual SAC meetings bring members together to discuss ongoing projects, celebrate milestones, and develop stronger bonds through collaboration on SAC efforts and initiatives.

The Higg Index unlocks a real opportunity for the industry to talk in the same language, not just about facility performance, but across improvement platforms like ours as well.

Kurt Kipka, NRDC, Clean by Design Senior Project Manager