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We participate in events, webinars, podcasts and other media to share our ideas and expertise.

 Our team members are located around the globe. We realize all events are unique, and so are the approaches of our speakers.

Jeremy Lardeau speaking on stage

SAC Speakers

Andrew Martin

Executive Vice President

Jeremy Lardeau

Vice President, Higg Index

Elisabeth von Reitzenstein

Senior Director, Public Affairs

Maravillas Rodriguez Zarco

Senior Director, Higg Index Strategy & Operations

Dr. Joyce Tsoi

Director, Collective Action Programs

Angela Ng

Director, Higg Facility Tools

Joël Mertens

Director, Higg Product Tools

Chris Marshall

Director, Transparency Program

Aaron Di Silvestro

Director, Higg Products

Eliza Ward

Senior Director, Membership & Corporate Engagement

Dhawal Mane

Director, Training and Verification

Carolina van Loenen

Director, Stakeholder Engagement

Lisa Domoney

Interim Senior Director, Membership & Corporate Engagement

Lee Green

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Betty Li

Senior Manager, Membership Engagement APAC

Orine Dsouza

Senior Manager, Higg Facility Tools

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