The SAC has re-introduced Manufacturer Forums! These action-oriented events provide opportunities for you, as business leaders, to learn how to leverage the Higg Index suite of tools and our industry programs to achieve your social and environmental sustainability goals and share the results with your customers and value chain partners. 

Our Manufacturer Forums bring together like-minded organizations, industry leaders and stakeholders with a commitment to drive sustainability improvements throughout global supply chains. We explore topics related to the Higg Index suite of tools, pressing issues related to policy, decarbonization efforts, and much more.

Attend the forums and invite your value chain partners to: 

  • Learn about the SAC and how our member organizations collectively work together to drive improvements in the apparel, footwear and textile industry
  • Learn how to use the Higg Index suite of tools and stay up-to-date on recent tool updates like the FEM 4.0
  • Learn about our industry programs such as the newly launched Decarbonization Program 
  • Better understand data insights for social and environmental programs 
  • Review policies that are being released in the EU and how these will impact manufacturers 
  • Hear member stories related to opportunities, challenges and expectations for tool usage and scoring methodology
  • Learn about best practices on setting targets to drive sustainability performance improvements 
  • Network with industry experts and like-minded organizations who are also experiencing their sustainability journey

Manufacturer Forum: Shenzhen

Join us on July 25, 2023




Learn about and stay up to date on the Manufacturer Forums