Researchers, sustainability service providers and NGOs are an important voice, and have equal participation in the Coalition

Non-corporate members join the SAC to engage deeply and authentically with the brands, retailers and manufacturers who are committed to reducing environmental and social impacts. These other members include service providers, NGOs, government agencies and academic institutions working on environmental and social and labor issues, and other trade associations. Participation in the Coalition delivers unprecedented access to stakeholders in every segment of the industry; data for use in research and education; and a vast community for outreach and connection.

Non-corporate members join the SAC to:

Collaborate with peers

By joining forces, non-corporate members help to accelerate the pace of innovation across the entire industry. They also help to establish a credible collective voice with policy-makers on regulations that affect everyone’s future.


Engage with industry

Coalition meetings and online engagement provide valuable opportunities to stay up-to-date on the challenges that brands, manufacturers and retailers are tackling, and ensure that decision-makers are well-informed about issues, armed with current research and aware of new sustainability practices.


Expand Reach and Reputation

Research organizations, not for profits and service providers can speak to the industry’s largest and most diverse body of sustainability executives and manufacturers, thanks to the scale and global reach of the SAC’s membership.


Have Equal Say

As equal partners in the coalition, non-corporate members, including other trade associations, give the same input as brands, retailers and manufacturers into the evolution and improvement of the Higg Index.

Our Members

SAC members represent every link in the global supply chain.

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Member Spotlight: Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Learn about SAC member Cradle to Cradle Certified's holistic approach to providing solutions for challenges in the fashion industry.

Cradle to Cradle Certified is an engine for the circular economy, supporting the creation of safe materials that can be perpetually cycled.

SAC's Product Environmental Footprint Project

In a natural extension of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s goal of creating a standard for measuring and communicating industry impacts, in 2012 the Coalition took the lead on a visionary pilot project with the EU Commission that aims to calculate products’ environmental impact from inception to end of life and then share those findings on a label with consumers.

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