Improve Your Sustainability Performance

Businesses of all sizes can use the Higg BRM to obtain a comprehensive assessment of their organization’s sustainability performance against the most relevant environmental, social, and governance issues in the industry. Through use of the BRM, businesses can understand their ESG progress, identify areas for continuous improvement, and consistently benchmark their performance against similar companies in the sector year over year.

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The latest version of the Higg BRM was released on March 1, 2023 to support companies to drive positive impact at scale.

Adopt Best Practices

Developed by the industry, the Higg BRM aligns with relevant frameworks and regulations in the industry, such as Textile Exchange’ Material Change Index, ZDHC Brands to Zero program, and the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. This helps brands and retailers to build solid corporate sustainability strategies to deliver more effectively on their ESG goals and the needs of the industry, whilst also reducing reporting burden and accelerating the adoption of industry best practices.

Connect Effectively with Value Chain Partners

By using the Higg BRM, conscientious businesses can track, measure, and share their sustainability progress with value chain partners. The Higg BRM helps provide a common language within the industry, enabling brands and retailers to effectively engage with and communicate to business partners across the value chain.

Communicate with Stakeholders & Build Consumer Trust

Through use of the BRM, businesses communicate their ESG progress and actions with internal and external stakeholders in a more comparable and transparent way. It enables companies to provide clear, consistent and transparent scoring that gives internal and external stakeholders, such as senior management and consumers, credible information on sustainability objectives and achievements.

The launch of the updated Higg BRM marks a major milestone for the SAC, its members, and the industry at large. We are honored to have contributed to the work that went into the development of the new version. Since joining the SAC in January 2021 and adopting the Higg BRM, we have supported our brand partners in aligning on a unified approach towards sustainable practices, helping them understand where they stand regarding their sustainability journeys and how to continue to support them to improve and drive progress. We believe the updated Higg BRM will serve to help us continue calibrating our ESG strategy to ensure consistency in our progress and reporting and look forward to seeing how it continues to evolve to meet the needs of the industry.

Magnus Dorsch, Head of Corporate Sustainability, About You

Working to Protect People and the Planet

The Higg BRM assesses sustainability performance across 11 key impact areas within three pillars:






Structure & Management
Ethics & Behavior

The Higg BRM aims to be the leading holistic ESG framework for the textile, apparel and footwear industry, enabling businesses of any size to standardize their sustainability performance assessment, benchmark against peers, create transparency through consistent and verified data, and reduce reporting burden.