The Higg Design & Development Module (Higg DDM) offers designers quick and simple guidance to reduce a product’s impact.

This tool is used in the earliest stages of the product creation process, before samples are generated, to gain the maximum reduction in negative environmental impact.


Why Use the Higg DDM?

Easy and quick to use, the Higg DDM harnesses the designer’s and developer’s potential for influence, helping them make design choices with positive impact, and fostering creative solutions to sustainability challenges.


The Higg DDM provides education and knowledge to help designers make informed decisions. For a designer to have feedback with a number makes design so much easier. The tool is informing designers to be able to have the right aesthetic with the lowest impact to the environment. It provides something that can be fun and adds to the creative process for the designers.

Joanna Kreling, Toad & Co., Senior Director of Supply Chain

What Can I Do with the Higg DDM?

The Higg DDM guides designers to combine their chosen materials for maximum positive impact, to select the most sustainable manufacturing techniques, and to consider the complete life-cycle of the product.

Score Products

Use the tool to tally the impact of proposed materials for your products by answering simple questions about your designs.


Compare Products

Compare your new product’s impact with that of three existing products. Evaluate the sustainability of your product against competitor and industry averages.

Analyze choices

Save materials long-term in a customized material library, see Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) results, and analyze data in an Excel export.