Designers and developers can control more than of 80 percent of a product’s environmental impact through the choices they make.

What Can I Do with the Higg DDM?

The Higg DDM guides designers to combine their chosen materials for maximum positive impact, to select the most sustainable manufacturing techniques, and to consider the complete life-cycle of the product.

Score Products

Use the tool to tally the impact of proposed materials for your products by answering simple questions about your designs.

Compare Products

Compare your new product’s impact with that of three existing products. Evaluate the sustainability of your product against competitor and industry averages.

Analyze choices

Save materials long-term in a customized material library, see Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) results, and analyze data in an Excel export.

The Higg DDM makes it easier for our team to make strategic changes that have positive impacts on the runner and the environment as a whole. A single score also allows us to benchmark ourselves against other products in our company and our industry. We rely on the Higg DDM to help keep pushing us forward

David Kemp, Sustainability Manager, brooks running