david kemp, Sustainability Manager, Brooks Running

We conduct Higg Design & Development Module (Higg DDM) assessments on three of our most popular footwear styles and six of our most popular apparel styles. Right now, we are focused on looking at historic performance of these styles dating back to spring 2016 to develop a baseline assessment that we can use to uncover trends and refer back to for historical analysis. Starting with spring 2020, we plan to use the Higg DDM during the product creation process for these select styles. The challenge we had before using the Higg DDM is that there are a variety of different updates a designer and developer can make in order to improve the sustainability of a product, however, it can be confusing when there isn’t a clear understanding of how these changes positively impact the end goal. The ability to use the Higg DDM makes it easier for our team to make strategic changes that have positive impacts on the runner and the environment as a whole.

A single score also allows us to benchmark ourselves against other products in our company and our industry.

We rely on the Higg DDM to help keep pushing us forward. For the industry, as many brands as we can have use these tools, the better the benchmarking gets. Knowing how we compare within our industry is important for driving strategic decisions.

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