From sustainability pioneers to facilities just starting their journey, all manufacturers have a place in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Manufacturers join the SAC to improve their sustainability performance using the Coalition’s suite of assessment tools, The Higg Index. The Higg Index radically simplifies and standardizes the process of measuring sustainability performance and sharing it with current and future partners for faster, easier evaluations. Manufacturers also join the Coalition to be part of the apparel, footwear and home textiles industry’s largest and most diverse network of players focused on creating transformative change.


Three manufacturers discuss the business value of The Higg Index and SAC membership

Manufacturers join the SAC to:


Boost productivity and profit

Accurately measuring social and environmental impacts with the Higg Index builds capacity to innovate and saves costs by revealing new ways to manage materials and natural resources. It also highlights ways to improve labor conditions and up-skill workers, which boosts productivity, lowers absenteeism and reduces staff turnover.


Reduce the assessment burden

Conducting a single sustainability assessment and sharing the results with customers at the click of a button allows manufacturers to focus on making cost-saving improvements. As more supply chain partners use the Higg Index, brands and retailers will increasingly recognise the effectiveness of a single assessment.


Grow business

Demonstrating progress on sustainability performance helps manufacturers win new contracts and build on existing business. Importantly, joining the SAC creates valuable networking opportunities, allowing manufacturers to showcase their abilities to major brands and retailers and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


Develop knowledge

SAC members are committed to sharing best sustainability practices with each other as well as the resources, education and contacts needed for continuous improvement. The Coalition provides discounted training on sustainability practices for manufacturers and can help raw materials supply-chain partners access funding opportunities.


Have equal say

Joining the SAC gives manufacturers equal say in the development of the Higg Index, ensuring it effectively meets the specific needs of all corners of the industry.

Member Spotlight: Avery Dennison Corporation

Learn how the Higg Index is helping Avery Dennison RBIS

SAC member Avery Dennison sets the standard high, with cutting-edge adhesive technologies and materials that inspire packaging trends across industries and around the globe.

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Access to Higg for Non-Members

Non member facilities can access and use for a nominal annual fee.