2015 Manufacturer Summit – Hong Kong

2015 marked the first SAC Manufacturer Summit held in Hong Kong, where we convened nearly 120 member and non-member manufacturer representatives and SAC member guests.

The two-day event addressed key topics including:

  • Progress on Higg adoption
  • Facilities Environmental Module
  • Social/Labor convergence
  • Higg Index best practices
  • Verification
  • Clean By Design pilot
  • Benchmarking and analytics

The target of the Summit was to create an active community amongst manufacturers. It is not often that this group of individuals has the opportunity to meet with each other to share best practices. There is a wealth of untapped knowledge and experience within this community on approaches to implementing sustainability initiatives within manufacturing facilities, and this event is a platform for them to connect and share ideas. The SAC will continue to convene an annual Manufacturer Summit in varying locations every year.

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