Osaka October 2015

The SAC hosted its most recent annual full membership meeting in Osaka, Japan on October 12-16, 2015.

One of the highlights of every year is the SAC Annual Member Meeting, where representatives from member companies and organizations have the opportunity to reflect on the progress of the coalition’s work, and reconnect with industry peers. This year’s meeting was held in Osaka, Japan, where 230 member representatives gathered, demonstrating the growing diversity of organizations engaged in the SAC who represent a range of perspectives throughout the value chain.

The 2015 meeting started off with a day-long Solutions Forum which saw a series of presentations from innovators within the apparel, footwear, and home textiles industries. Fourteen companies presented on a range of solutions, from scaling bio-based materials, to engaging and connecting with garment workers digitally.

The following two days of SAC meetings reflected on the year and looked forward towards scaling our use of the Higg Index and committing to using it as a framework for driving meaningful impact.

Topics discussed included:

  • Progress to date on the Higg Index Suite of Tools
  • Trends we’re seeing within the Higg data
  • Roadmap to supply chain transparency
  • Convergence of social and labor assessments

SAC members presented on the initiatives that demonstrate the progress we are making: new tool development, the Clean By Design program, manufacturer performance improvement efforts, and quantifying the business value of the Higg Index.

The resounding takeaway is that momentum for the industry to act is building, and that high levels of collaborative action, holistic assessment, and focus on impact are needed for the industry to deliver on the broader mission.

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