Portland October 2014

The SAC hosted its most recent annual full membership meeting in Portland Oregon, USA on October 28-30, 2014.

Over the course of these three days, all SAC member organizations convene to propel sustainability action forward. Our theme for the Portland meeting was to deepen the commitment of SAC members to collective implementation of the Higg Index .

Key highlights / takeaways from the Portland meeting include –

  • An inspiring keynote address from Hannah Jones, Nike CSO and VP Innovation Accelerator
  • Bringing SAC’s 2020 vision to life through an exciting industry role-playing simulation at Nike’s Portland campus
  • Working with industry peers to identify opportunities for action to achieve SAC’s shared 2020 vision
  • NGOs shared their perspectives on emerging sustainability “hot topics” and their influence on the work of the SAC
  • Celebrating the incredible momentum of Higg Index use throughout the shared value chain as a result of a collaborative approach to using the Higg Index throughout the textile, footwear and home textiles value chain
  • Understanding the latest and greatest on how the Higg Index tools are evolving to meet to growing needs of the industry, and becoming the industry standard
  • SAC members and their value chain partners speaking to the business value they are already receiving as a result of using the Higg Index tools

Key highlights from SAC members (what they said about the Portland meeting) –

  • “Seeing the progress made on Higg Index use and the growth!!”
  • “Seeing progress against our objectives for Higg Index Adoption and Verification”
  • “The conversation on NGO Perspectives that included WRI, NRDC and Solidaridad. I thought there were great points raised by all NGOs, and the SAC members in the audience”
  • “I loved the working sessions where we were able to discuss real aspects of the tools, and how to use them”

The environment that exists within the SAC annual meeting and the organization as a whole is truly unique and immensely powerful for driving sustainability and business value forward. The freedom for open dialogue amongst brands, retailers, manufacturers and a diverse array of stakeholders produces an ideal setting for developing and implementing the highest priority and most impactful sustainability solutions in the industry.  SAC members left our annual meeting invigorated, inspired and impassioned to lead the industry forward and make for a better world.

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