Higg Facility Modules

By using the Higg Facility Environmental Module, in the first 3 years alone, our suppliers implemented 250 energy savings programs that have saved them over $3.5 million in energy costs. This is a win-win for our suppliers and our business. We are proud of the work of our suppliers to achieve these efficiencies while improving their Higg performance and reducing the environmental impact of our supply chain.

Jeannette Ferran Astorga, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Ascena Retail Group, parent Company of Ann Taylor & LOFT brands


Manufacturers should be able to have honest discussion with the brands. There should not be fear. Unless open honest conversations are had we cannot solve the challenges. The Higg should enable this. With Higg, brands and manufacturers know the standards and the expectations. We can have discussions across the value chain. It’s about having a conversation and being able to solve our problems together.

Eranthi Premaratne, Director of Sustainable Business for KREEDA