The Sustainable Apparel Coalition has responded to the Substantiating Green Claims Directive, which was proposed by the European Commission on March 22.

Andrew Martin, Executive Vice President, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition:

“The long awaited Substantiating Green Claims Directive as proposed on March 22 by the European Commission falls short of its stated ambition to address greenwashing. At a time when ‘only swift and drastic action can avert irrevocable damage to the world’, as set out by the IPCC this week, this is a missed opportunity from the European Commission to be a global frontrunner on sustainability and fulfilling ambitions set out in its Green Deal.

“The Directive does not mandate a standardized and clearly defined framework based on scientific foundations and fails to provide the legal certainty for companies and clarity to consumers. This lack of focus has the potential to open the door to a range of varied and incomparable methodologies, risking undermining, rather than advancing, progress in the sector.

“After a decade in development, the EU commissioned and funded Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) is the most holistic, scientifically-grounded method to date for assessing the environmental impact of a product. We therefore urge EU policy makers to reconsider its inclusion within the Directive. As science evolves, so too will the PEF – constantly evolving, growing and strengthening to provide a more comprehensive picture of sustainability.”