Higg Index Access for Non-member Manufacturers

Apparel, footwear, and home textiles manufacturers have the unique option of using the Higg Index without joining the SAC. For a fee of $85 per year, any manufacturing facility can access and use the Higg Index Facilities Environmental and Social/Labor modules online. Access gives manufacturers the ability to post modules, utilize basic benchmarking, and connect with other Higg users, including current and future customers and other supply chain partners. The modules are offered in both English and Mandarin, with plans to expand to other languages in the near future. Non-member manufacturers also have access to online help and training through the platform.


Widespread adoption of the Higg Index across the supply chain is critical to achieving the SAC’s mission of creating a single standardized assessment for environmental and social and labor performance. Therefore, the Higg Index is available to manufacturers regardless of membership status. By driving widespread adoption of the Higg Index, the SAC hopes to drastically reduce redundancies in environmental and social assessments and provide a comprehensive approach to improving sustainability performance.


While making the Higg Index available to non-member manufacturers at a nominal fee, the SAC encourages all manufacturers in the industry to join the SAC in order to take advantage of the full networking and knowledge sharing power of The Coalition.


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To access the Higg Index without becoming an SAC member, manufacturers can register here.

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