Redefining Transparency: product environmental performance on display
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A first step towards consumer transparency

One of the SAC’s five key 2020 outcomes is to help consumers better evaluate and influence the product choices they make. This requires that our members achieve full transparency, sharing and communicating information about their supply chain, brand and material performance, measured through the Higg Index. To help facilitate this, we are developing our Higg Communication Roadmap to Transparency, which will be shared later this year.  This roadmap will outline the support, tools and information the SAC will provide its members to enable and support them to reach the goal of transparency by 2020.

To start exploring how we can make transparency become a reality, we are bringing industry leaders together around a shared goal: testing a standard for measuring and communicating industry impacts . In 2012 the Coalition took the lead on a visionary pilot project with the European Commission’s Single Market for Green Products initiative. Called the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) Pilot, this initiative aims to calculate products’ environmental impact from inception to end of life and then share those findings with consumers via labelling.

The SAC exists to bring peers and competitors to the same table in order to solve problems and improve the industry at large. For the PEF Pilot, we convened a small group of leading brands to test and share environmental impacts across the lifecycle of footwear products.

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