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Inform designers about sustainability opportunities from prototype to finished product

Product Tools

Designers and developers use the Higg Index’s Product Tools to design the best products from an environmental standpoint. These tools help measure product environmental performance at different stages within the product-development cycle, from initial prototype to sourcing raw materials to final design. By giving designers the information they need to make better choices at every stage of development, and by providing inspiration on how to improve their designs, the Product Tools have significant impact in improving the entire industry. Put simply, the choices made by designers and developers drive the actions and choices of manufacturing partners.

Access the Higg Product Tools here.

Materials Sustainability Index (MSI)

The Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) quantitatively measures the life cycle impacts of commonly used materials found in apparel, footwear, and home textile products. Originally gifted to the Coalition by Nike, the MSI recently underwent a major methodology and content update to give product creators better information and options for selecting more responsible materials. The new Higg MSI launched in late Fall 2016. Read more here.

Design and Development Module (DDM)

The Higg Design and Development Module (DDM) engages product designers and developers in making sustainable choices at the very earliest stage of prototype design, when they have the most freedom to improve. It steers them towards picking better materials, using better construction techniques, and considering the complete life-cycle of the product. The goal is to assist them in designing environmental impacts out of their products. The Design and Development Module, launched in in Fall 2016, is an update to the previous Rapid Design Module (RDM).

SAC’s Product Environmental Footprint Project

In a natural extension of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s goal of creating a standard for measuring and communicating industry impacts, in 2012 the Coalition took the lead on a visionary pilot project with the EU Commission that aims to calculate products’ environmental impact from inception to end of life and then share those findings on a label with consumers.

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