Improve sustainability performance by assessing environmental and social impacts throughout the supply chain

Retail Tools

The Higg Index’s Retail Modules are used by apparel, footwear and textile retailers of all sizes to measure the environmental and social performance of all of their operations from merchandising to logistics. These modules assess corporate policies and practices in every impact area and at every level of sustainability, from basic, compliance-level practices to advanced and far-reaching best practices.

Users enter their own data and receive performance scores by type of operation as well as an overall retailer score. Scores are displayed anonymously to all users, allowing retailers to benchmark their performance and discover where they stand compared to others. Retailers that are SAC members may also request to share scores with other brands, retailers and facilities transparently, which can lead to new partnerships and the sharing of best practices.   Higg Retail Modules are currently going through pilot testing in Excel before launching on our platform..

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