Amina Razvi
Chief Executive Officer
Zita Abila
Senior Manager, Digital Communications
Aoife Ashford
Administrative Assistant
Dani Baker
Senior Manager, Membership Engagement, EMEA
Kelsey Cashman
Global Operations Project Manager
Chu Ching
Collective Action Programs Coordinator
Kelci Degnian
Senior Manager, Membership Engagement, AMER
Aaron Di Silvestro
Director of Higg Products
Wendy Dittmer
Senior Director of Operations
Orine Dsouza
Senior Manager, Higg Facility Tools
Sophia Ellis
Manager, Higg Index Transparency Program
Christina Fleming
Manager, Event Programs & Content
Demith Gooneratne
Senior Manager, Higg Facility Tools
Lee Green
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
Hannah Heyworth
Digital Communications Coordinator
Lizzie Hineman
Manager, Communications
Devin Hurley
Manager, Membership Engagement, AMER
Soumya Inumella
Senior Manager, Membership Operations
Laura Jans
Member Engagement Coordinator, EMEA
Rhys Jones
Director of Operations
Clara Kamphorst
Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator
Deepak Kashyap
Senior Manager, Higg Facility Tools
Jeremy Lardeau
Vice President, Higg Index
Erlinda Lee
Senior Manager, Global Membership Development
Betty Li
Senior Manager, Membership Engagement, APAC
Ruth Lin
Manager, Finance and Operations
Cassandra Lindow
Manager, Data Reporting and Analytics
Maggie Lumpcik
Senior Global HR Manager
Heather Lynch
Manager, Global Membership Development
Dhawal Mane
Director, Training and Verification
Yasotharan Manivel
Manager, Collective Action Programs
Chris Marshall
Director, Transparency Program
Andrew Martin
Executive Vice President
Canélia Mbida
Member Engagement Coordinator, APAC
Joël Mertens
Director, Higg Product Tools
Angela Ng
Director, Higg Facility Tools
Samia Ngeow
Global Operations Coordinator
Melissa O de León
Manager, Higg Product Tools
Tamina Ogrin
Administrative Assistant, Stakeholder Engagement
Sary Oszerowicz
Higg Index Team Coordinator
Mackenzie Roach
Senior Manager, Global Contracts
Maravillas Rodriguez Zarco
Director, Higg Brand & Retail
Porcha Roets
HR Coordinator
Sophie Roos
Partnerships Coordinator
Igor San Juan
General Counsel
Olga Sganzerla
Manager, Service Design, Higg Index Brand & Retail Program
Carmel Tenenbaum
Events Project Coordinator
Beatrice Thumi
Public Relations Analyst
Joyce Tsoi
Director, Collective Action Programs, APAC
Carolina van Loenen
Director, Stakeholder Engagement
Elisabeth von Reitzenstein
Senior Director, Public Affairs
Eliza Ward
Senior Director, Membership & Corporate Engagement
Sara Warren
Executive Assistant to the CEO