Ruth Lin is the SAC Finance and Operations Manager and works on the Apparel Impact Institute, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and Social & Labor Convergence Program. She oversees account receivables, communications with members and prospective members regarding payments, and operational support. She helps with each organization’s budgeting, financial statements, monthly reports, and audits.

Prior to joining the SAC, Ruth was an accountant at a supply chain technology start up, Elementum, which is focused on revolutionizing the supply chain industry and streamlining each part of operations onto mobile apps. Ruth was focused on internal support and she also implemented sustainability changes by creating a compost program in two offices and introduced more recycled products. She volunteers as an Ethical Detective with Good on You, which rates how sustainable each fashion brand is.

Ruth has worked at Australian Volunteers International, which is focused on sustainable development. She volunteered with wildlife in California, the Amazon Rainforest, and the Great Barrier Reef. Ruth graduated with a B.S. degree in accounting from Case Western Reserve University and studied abroad in New Zealand.