Join us on November 15, 2021

SAC’s Annual Meeting at the Textile Sustainability Conference

Join us in person (Dublin, Ireland), or attend virtually

“The SAC is unlike any other organization changing the world. In the past ten years, we’ve overcome a tipping point. Normally outside, our companies are competitors. Here we’re all sitting at the same table and changing the climate impact of our industry. I’ve never seen this in any other industry, where people sit around one table and really focus on what needs to be done.”


The SAC’s annual meeting will now be part of Textile Exchange’s annual Textile Sustainability Conference in 2021. The SAC meeting will be a full day of content and networking on Monday, November 15. Following the day-long SAC meeting on the 15th, attendees will have the opportunity to join the rest of the Textile Sustainability Conference, led by Textile Exchange, at a discounted rate.

As part of our continued work with our Alliance organizations (Aii, Textile Exchange, and ZDHC), we’re pleased to announce this partnership with Textile Exchange to increase access to industry content, streamline member travel in another unprecedented year, and offer greater value to our members through a coordinated experience. 

This joint effort will allow us to accelerate impact and drive efficiencies for the industry, and it’s one of the first proof points in our broader Alliance partnership vision. Although we don’t know what the rest of the year will bring, it is our deepest wish that we’re able to meet in person with many of you if it’s possible and safe to do so.


The Textile Sustainability Conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland (or virtual) from November 15-19. There are two parts to this week-long event:

  • SAC’s Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, November 15. 
    • We will welcome both members and non-members to attend, while giving SAC members exclusive access to member-only content. 
    • Agenda forthcoming!
  • Textile Exchange’s Annual Conference will be held from Monday, November 15 through Friday, November 19. 
    • SAC will be leading two breakouts over these dates. 
    • You will have to purchase tickets to attend this portion of the week.
    • Why attend this conference? Find out more here! 
    • See high-level agenda here.


Ticket Information:

All SAC Members receive one (1) free ticket to SAC’s annual meeting (virtual or in-person). Please check with your company’s SAC membership lead to determine who from your team is using the free pass.  The code to register a free ticket will be distributed to the SAC membership lead. For enquiries, please reach out to Janet So at You can review pricing for both events here.

Interested in a Sponsorship?

Sponsorship packages are available to maximize your company’s exposure throughout the SAC Annual Meeting and the Textile Sustainability Conference. You can find sponsorship packages for the broader Textile Exchange Conference here. Contact Janet So at to learn more about sponsorships.

Together, we can collectively accomplish what no individual, company, or organization can do alone. No matter how you plan on attending, we can’t wait to connect with you and your peers at this year’s Textile Sustainability Conference!

COVID-19, Travel, Visas, and More:

  • The SAC is continually monitoring the global impact of COVID-19 and keeping an eye on how it might affecteffect the in-person portion of these events.
  • Although both events will be held in a hybrid format so that you have the option of joining however you feel most comfortable, should a situation arise where we decide that it is necessary to go 100% virtual, we will let you know immediately. 
  • Visit this page for more information on traveling to both the SAC Annual Meeting and the Textile Exchange Conference. It includes information on Visas, airports, attire, weather, and more.


Questions? Reach out to


FYI: The SAC is exploring hosting its Higg Index Product Tools Summit on Friday, November 19 in Dublin, Ireland in the same location, so stay tuned for more details in the coming months

Highlights from our last in-person conference in 2019: