Manufacturer Climate Action Program

The Manufacturer Climate Action Program (MCAP) is a pivotal initiative that unites manufacturers worldwide to combat climate change, driving sustainable change through science-aligned targets.

What is MCAP?

As an integral part of our Decarbonization Program, MCAP welcomes SAC members and non-members alike, with a primary objective to accelerate the adoption of science-aligned targets for Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

MCAP’s mission is to significantly reduce emissions by enabling manufacturers to start their decarbonization journey faster. We are doing this by providing an intermediate pathway to measure carbon emissions and develop science-aligned climate reduction targets for Scope 1 and 2 where they have direct control.

Evolution from

Rooted in a collaboration between NIKE, Inc. and the World Resource Institute (WRI) in 2021, MCAP evolved from the Supplier Climate Action Program (SCAP). SCAP empowered manufacturers to set science-aligned targets, and set the stage for MCAP’s comprehensive approach. With WRI’s guidance, MCAP integrates experience and expertise to accelerate sustainable progress.

Four Elements of MCAP

Evaluate Climate Risk

Manufacturers are encouraged to assess and document the risks to their operations from climate change. This analysis serves as a bridge for engaging value chain partners, including brands.

Develop a Decarbonization Plan

Craft a roadmap for emission reduction, addressing the growing demand for transparency and enabling manufacturers to plan investments and resources effectively.

Annually Disclose Progress

Champion transparency by publicly sharing annual progress reports toward targets, cultivating a culture of accountability and growth.

Join MCAP: Act Today

Play your role in shaping a brighter future to tackle climate change. We are inviting SAC members and non-SAC members alike to express their interest in participating in this program and make a positive contriibution to the environment and climate action.