Verification Pilot Program
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Verification Pilot Program

To increase the robustness of the Higg Index’s Environmental Module, the SAC launched a pilot program in 2015 to create and test a methodology for verifying self-assessment scores. Building consistency and credibility of scores builds trust in Higg Index data, and this helps partners across the value chain to make decisions. It dramatically reduces the need for multiple, separate audits, which frees up manufacturers’ resources so they can be directed towards actual capacity building. Importantly, it also shifts the mindset from compliance to performance improvement. Verification is performed on a first come, first served basis by SAC members who submit their factories for verification, and is done by SAC-approved verifiers through either on-site or off-site verification of programs, documents, and results (facilities choose which approach they prefer). The goal of this pilot is to verify at least 200 manufacturing facilities. Lessons learned will help inform the design and implementation of an updated program in the spring of 2016.

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