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As a service provider, your commitment to sustainability and responsible practices is vital in supporting our industry on its sustainability journey. We understand the challenges you face in navigating complex supply chains and we are here to elevate your role as a driving force in positive change.

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Gain access to a diverse network of 300 industry players and enhance your organization’s sustainability efforts and operations.

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Enhance performance with the Higg Index. Optimize operations, drive efficiency and foster innovation.

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CIEL Textile

Learn how one of the world’s leading and most innovative garment and fabrics manufacturers has achieved remarkable results on their journey towards a nature-positive and people-centric future.

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Here’s what our members are saying.

The Higg suite of tools offers critical insights that will help inform our overall global sustainability strategy. When implemented across the apparel and footwear industry, the tools provide a vehicle for collective action toward a future of lower impact and total supply chain transparency.

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Matt Hamilton, VF Corporation
Director, Sustainable Operations

There’s an urgency for the industry to take collective action to solve the joint challenges we are facing. We need to work together across the whole value chain to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

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Pascal Brun, Zalando
VP of Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion

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Join SAC today and elevate your service provider role, making a significant impact and driving positive change for brands, retailers, and the entire consumer goods industry.

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We understand the critical role that manufacturers play in driving sustainable practices within the consumer goods industry. You strive to balance production efficiency, product quality, and environmental responsibility. We are here to support your vision and empower you to foster innovation across your entire value chain.

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As a brand and retailer member, you become an integral part of the largest and most diverse network committed to creating a better world through collaboration, innovation and purpose-driven action.

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Breaking down barriers and fostering impactful collaborations can be challenging. We are here to bridge the gap and empower our affiliate members to help drive transformative change.