Access to tools that drive measurable improvement in sustainability performance. Guidance from industry peers and experts.

Joining the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is good for business. By utilizing the tools offered by the SAC and the expertise of its network, our members are making significant gains toward their sustainability goals. When fully implemented, the costs savings associated with more sustainable practices surpass the price of membership in the SAC.

Member-wide Collaboration

Sharing best practices allows members to implement sustainability strategies that are already tried-and-tested by their peers, saving considerable time, money and resources.

Through the SAC, some of the world’s most recognized apparel brands have exchanged information on their successful sustainability practices in design, production and distribution, while manufacturers have shared new technologies and contacts. This cost-effective sharing can be especially beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses that also use the SAC to source supply chain partners with exceptional credentials.

The Higg Index: The Path to Sustainability

Addressing a wide range of sustainability challenges can be confusing and expensive. The problems are plentiful, yet budgets are often constrained. The Higg Index serves as an accurate and reliable guide to creating cost-effective and successful sustainability programs for apparel, footwear and home textile companies of any size—and at any level of sustainability expertise.

Using Higg self-assessment tools like the Brand or Facility Modules helps our members focus their efforts and resources. Companies can avoid hiring expensive outside consultants and prevent costly mistakes by tapping into the Higg Index’s accurate and efficient tools before initiating change.

SAC Membership helps brands, retailers and manufacturers:

Isolate their most pressing sustainability concerns



Develop successful sustainability initiatives through access to best-practices, trusted guidance on issues, and a network of industry and subject matter experts


Advocate for action within their organizations and value chains using a customized road-map and supporting materials

The Higg Index has supported Patagonia, an established leader in sustainability, through the development, implementation and tracking of its long-term goals. In just three years the company was able to create clear objectives around packaging and transportation; restructure its sustainability team to better integrate Higg Index findings into core business functions and connect annual staff bonuses to the accomplishment of targeted sustainability goals.

As a fiber supplier, participation in working groups to develop the Higg Index keeps us more closely connected to retail partners – creating more awareness of the needs of the entire supply chain – and helping us to better meet the needs of our customers.

— Peter Bartsch, Lenzing